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Digital Leaders

At Westwood school we now have Digital Leaders! You will recognise them from their shiny green badges and they will help you with your blogging problems and anything you might want to know. Please ask them and they will be happy to assist.

Here they are introducing themselves:

textease is epic

Textease is a new typing studio you can access on your computer so far I’ve used the turtle line drawing game and editing I recommend it to anyone who likes typing.


Welcome to our brand new ICT in the community blog. ICT in the community is a project that I have established through my passion for teaching ICT to develop the skills of the Westwood community, children and parents of our school. We meet every Thursday after school from 3.15-4pm in the school hall at Westwood with Iford School and we discuss and explore the many facets of ICT which are new, different or may seem tricky, in a relaxed, informal and fun way.

If you would like to join us, please contact the school on 01225 862408 and we would very much like to have you along, everyone is very welcome.

Ian Rockey
Head teacher