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Working with simple programming

This week’s task was to use the Turtle element of Textease Studio CT. With the implementation of the computing curriculum in September, this is an ideal way to begin looking at sequences of instructions. Using directional arrows, the user programs the turtle to move in certain directions and at given angles. In this example of work from the session below, we have an example of a turtle game that was designed, along with the cover for the game at the top, all using Textease.

turtle session 16.6.14

Our first session – Textease Studio CT

In our first session we explored some of the tools which Textease Studio CT has to offer. This is a comprehensive publishing program that is perfectly designed and balanced for the primary curriculum as it enables learning to be accomplished quickly and simply. In this session the aim was to use the paint and text tools to create a poster for something which we are interested in. In this case, a child at our school wanted to produce a poster for their forthcoming production.

textease studio 9.6.14