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be FREINDS on the blog

Handy tips 1:don’t say nasty things on the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2: Be nice to everyone  on the blogs .           AND DON’T BE SILLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1                             

Digital Leaders

At Westwood school we now have Digital Leaders! You will recognise them from their shiny green badges and they will help you with your blogging problems and anything you might want to know. Please ask them and they will be happy to assist.

Here they are introducing themselves:

Digital Leaders #Orchid Class

Hello i’m Super (not really) Jack I am in Orchid class and am here to help you with COMPUTING because I am  a Digital Leader.I will help you with blogging ,textease anything. We will help anyone if your stuck!!! Leave in the comments what you would like to know.