We are Cryptographers & Toy Designers

Today in class the children in Orchid Class took on another code cracking theme, this time using Textease to create their own Morse Code messages. Check back soon to see what amazing work they have achieved! Then Lotus class also used Textease but to electronically design the toys they had been thinking about before they write the script in Scratch to bring them alive next week. Such a fun afternoon!

More Code Club Fun

Today was another weekly Code Club session and it was just fantastic to see children from throughout the school programming so wonderfully. With our younger children, I challenged them to create a Lego WeDo Project and then program it using the laptop. Here they are describing it themselves!

Code Club Lego Wedo 2.3.16 from Mr Rockey on Vimeo.

Our older children, fresh back from an inspiring trip to @Bristol focused their attention, working with Trevor, on the Lost in Space Scratch module with fascinating results. Here is an extended version by Flo

Lost in Space 2.3.16 from Mr Rockey on Vimeo.

Code Club Begins Officially

Yesterday afternoon was very exciting as we started out first official Code Club. We are lucky to have a recognised volunteer from the local community, Trevor Hilder, who has a highly skilled background in computing and technology and the older children loved getting into their first Scratch programming session with him. With the focus on building a script and understanding the processing, the children worked incredibly hard and I can see that the coming weeks are going to be a lot of fun. I worked with the younger children to program Lego using a computer, understanding the need to position the command blocks correctly in order to make it work. Here are the children in action:

Christmas Coding Fun!

I hope you are all having a great Christmas break. If you do happen to stop by, I have been working on a Scratch project I found in a Raspberry Pi magazine I got just before Christmas and have been practising my coding skills on my Pi Zero – a tiny brand new computer which is ideal for schools!

Have fun playing Рwe have all been enjoying learning about Tim Peake and his fantastic mission to the ISS and this is just right for taking a few minutes away from normal life. Just press the space bar when Tim asks you to and test your reaction time. Could you make it as an astronaut? It will also calculate how far the ISS has travelled in the time it takes you to react. Good luck!